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橡胶输送带常用的橡胶中,丁苯(化学式:C6H6) 橡胶综合(composite)性能(function)与天然橡胶相当,而磨耗及热老化性能则优于天然橡胶,与天然橡胶和多种合成(解释:由几个部分合并成一个整体)橡胶并用,加工(jiā gōng)性能好,是一种通用橡胶。大倾角输送带由基带、挡边、横隔板3部分组成。
Among the commonly used rubbers for rubber conveyor belts, the composite performance of styrene butadiene rubber (chemical formula: C6H6) is equivalent to that of natural rubber, while its wear and thermal aging properties are better than that of natural rubber. It is a general-purpose rubber when used together with natural rubber and various synthetic (explanation: Several parts are combined into a whole) rubber, so it is a kind of general-purpose rubber. The large angle conveyor belt consists of three parts: base plate, rib and diaphragm.
挡边起防止物料测滑撒落的作用。为便于绕过滚筒,档边设计成波纹状;横隔板的作用是承托物料,为了实现大倾角输送,采用T型TC型。档边和横隔板是用二次硫化的方法与基带连接的,具有很高的连接强度。钢丝绳提升带拉伸强度大,抗冲击好,寿命长,使用伸长小, 成槽性好,耐曲挠性好适于长距离,大运程,高速度输送 物料。该产品是由芯胶,钢丝绳,覆盖层和边胶构成主要使用(shǐ yòng)语胶管,轮胎,胶带。
The baffle is used to prevent the material from sliding and falling. In order to bypass the drum, the baffle is designed to be corrugated; the diaphragm is used to support materials, and T-type TC type is adopted to realize large angle conveying. The flange and diaphragm are connected with the baseband by the method of secondary vulcanization, which has high connection strength. The steel rope lifting belt has the advantages of high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small elongation, good grooving ability, good bending resistance and flexibility, and is suitable for long distance, large transportation distance and high speed transportation of materials. The product is composed of core rubber, steel wire rope, covering layer and side rubber. It mainly uses rubber tube, tire and tape.
Rubber shoes, and a variety of industrial rubber products. CIS polybutadiene rubber (CIS polybutadiene) has good processability, excellent wear resistance and elasticity, less heat generation and good low temperature resistance. It also has good flexion resistance, but its disadvantage is poor tear strength and skid resistance. It is widely used in tires, hose, tape, rubber shoes and other rubber products. Chloroprene rubber has good ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, flame retardation, water resistance, air tightness and tensile strength. The disadvantages are poor cold resistance and high specific gravity (density (unit: g / cm3 or kg / m3)). It is suitable for rubber hose, tape, conveyor belt, wire and cable, air conditioning rubber products, and sealing products such as construction, ship and automobile.
大倾角橡胶输送带的特点是:适用于倾角0-90°散状、块状、粒状物料的输送,具有使用(shǐ yòng)范围广、占地面积小、无转运点、减少土建投资、维护费用低、维修容易、输送量大、连续(Continuity)化、率(efficiency)、大倾角运输,操作(operate)安全,使用简便,运费低廉,并能缩短运输距离,降低(reduce)工程造价,节省(spare)人力物力等特点。尼龙输送带广泛用于矿山、煤场、化工、冶金、建筑、港口等部门。
The characteristics of large inclined angle rubber conveyor belt are: it is suitable for conveying bulk, bulk and granular materials with an inclination angle of 0-90 ° with a wide range of use (SH ǐ y ò ng), small occupation area, no transfer point, reduced civil engineering investment, low maintenance cost, easy maintenance, large conveying capacity, continuity, high efficiency, large inclination angle transportation, safe operation, simple use and low freight, It can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost, and save manpower and material resources. Nylon conveyor belt is widely used in mines, coal yards, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, port and other departments.
尼龙输送带适用于常温下输送非腐蚀性的无尖刺的块状、粒状、粉末的多种物料、如煤炭、焦炭、砂石、水泥等散物(料)或成件物品,输送堆积密度为6.5~2.5t/m3的各种块状、粒状、粉状等松散状物料,也可用于成体物品输送。尼龙输送带和普通棉布芯输送带相比具有强力高、弹性好、耐冲击、自重轻、成槽性好等优点,它可以有效的降低输送成本,实现高速、大跨度、长距离输送。解决(jiě jué)了普通输送带和花纹输送带所不能达到的输送角度(angle),还可根据使用环境(huán jìng),设计成完整、独立的输送系统,避免了间断输送和复杂输送的提升系统。可沿水平、倾斜、垂直和变角方向输送各种散装物料,从煤炭(coal)、矿石(ore)、沙子到化肥和粮食等。
Nylon conveyor belt is suitable for conveying non corrosive bulk, granular and powder materials, such as coal, coke, sand, cement and other bulk materials (materials) or finished articles at normal temperature. It can also be used to transport bulk, granular, powder and other loose materials with bulk density of 6.5 ~ 2.5t/m3. Compared with ordinary cotton core conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight and good grooving performance. It can effectively reduce the transportation cost and realize high-speed, long-span and long-distance transportation. It can solve the angle that ordinary conveyor belt and patterned conveyor belt can't reach, and can also be designed into a complete and independent conveying system according to the use environment (Hu á N J ì ng), so as to avoid discontinuous conveying and complex conveying lifting system. It can transport all kinds of bulk materials from coal, ore, sand to fertilizer and grain along horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable angle directions.
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