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1. Improve the conveyor belt hopper. Improving the dropping hopper of conveyor belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of conveyor belt. The dropping hopper at the transition point of each belt conveyor is improved to increase its ability of passing through foreign matters by 2.5 times. The long and large foreign matters are not easy to be stuck between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt in the conveying process, so as to reduce the probability of foreign matters tearing the conveyor belt.
The guide apron at the hopper makes the gap between the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt larger and larger along the running direction of the conveyor belt, so as to solve the problem of coal and stone stuck between the conveyor belt and the apron, and eliminate the conveyor belt damage caused by this. For hopper with large drop, buffer baffle is installed inside to avoid direct impact of material on conveyor belt.
2. Add scraping device at the turning drum. The scraping device is added at the turning drum along the conveyor belt to eliminate the problem of material sticking at the drum, and to solve the local damage of the conveyor belt caused by the material sticking on the drum.
3. Improvement of head, tail and intermediate transfer transition of conveyor. The transition length and transition mode of conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer place have great influence on the service life of conveyor belt. Reasonable transition design should be carried out to reduce the wear of rubber surface of conveyor belt as far as possible to ensure that there is no folding of conveyor belt and bulge in the middle, and there is no material leakage at the blanking place.
4. Belt pulley at concave transition of conveyor. This problem can be solved thoroughly when the belt pulley is partially pressed, resulting in excessive pressure on the belt pulley.
5. Load reduction of conveyor belt counterweight on crane boom. The initial service life of the conveyor belt of the stacker boom in coal mine system is very short, and the design of counterweight is an important reason for the excessive tension and premature cracking and aging of the conveyor belt. On the basis of meeting the material tension of the conveyor belt and reducing the counterweight, the service life of coal transportation is extended from 1.5 million tons to 4.5 million tons. The original design counterweight of the boom conveyor belt of the 200000 t mining system stacker reclaimer was 25 t (including the weight of the counterweight drum). The original anti tearing steel belt imported from Germany was seriously stretched and scrapped when it was less than 3 million tons. After reducing the counterweight by 6 tons twice, the domestic ordinary steel wire belt was used, and the operation volume was more than 8 million tons.
6. Adjust the direction of material flow. The direction of material flow has an important influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. The material flow should run in the same direction with the conveyor belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.
7. Local damage repair technology of conveyor belt can prolong its service life. (1) Local hot vulcanization; that is, it is often said that the conveyor belt heat fluidization needs to be equipped with curing press. (2) For local cold pouring, the products include liquid polymer composite repair materials of German duput technology, but they need to be cured at room temperature for about 10 h; (3) for local cold bonding, the repair strip (longitudinal crack) of German duput company and the longitudinal filling of crack plug with cold glue-t2 composite glue (special glue gun is required). The advantages of these two methods are less manpower and material resources, good wear resistance and reinforcement performance, short recovery time, but high environmental requirements and can not be restored to the original conveyor belt surface leveling requirements; (4) conveyor belt spray repair technology. The technology is to mix several liquid materials with special equipment, spray them on the wear surface of belt under high pressure, and spray a certain thickness of wear-resistant layer as required. The curing time is short, and it is suitable for the local wear of continuous sheets, and the effect is very good. The disadvantage is that special equipment is needed.
8. Reasonable selection of belt type and maintenance. Reasonable selection of type, timely adjustment of deviation correction device along the line according to seasonal changes, adding sunscreen cover and winter maintenance can also prolong the service life of conveyor belt.
9. Other management issues. Strengthen the management of idlers and sweepers, and replace the damaged ones in time. Control load start.
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